Waiter training


Kwame Evans is waiter in training at the Clear Mind Gallery.
So today he had to 'do the whole thing' from taking the order (two Milo chocolade Milk and two bread) to making the customer feel at home, place a cup in front of him and packages of milo, nido and sugar beside the cup. Then say 'excuse me' and buy bread from the kiosk oppositie us and slice it on a plate.. and provide' Blue Band.
Kwame, stop, listen. you have to listen before you start acting. Wait. No Kwame come, if someone calls you you say "No, i am now busy with my work". Okay, good.
No you dont buy two cedi bread if the cliƫnt pays one cedi for bread. You lose!
The sugar is caked, never put a wet spoon in sugarbowl. You have no spoon? You have only one knife? No problem, we are only rehearsing. Better tomorrow, tomorrow we come again. Wipe the table. Good now all in a bowl under the tap with omo, eash it and it is ready for next customer. The bill, Kwame, can we have the bill? How much do we pay?
You dont know? No dont guess. No problem. You take the customer to the pricelist, you show the pricelist, you say "write what you took in my book and the price too and tell me." Good very good.
That is 2,50 times 2 and 1 cedi times 2. Makes seven cedis. I wrote it down and i tell you. Here is ten. I need change Kwame, 3 cedis change.
Well done, go to the breadseller and change the money so you can give us three cedis back.
That was delicious Kwame.
We will return tomorrow for your delicious Chocolate Milk and bread. Bye bye Thank you.


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