Waaijerhall in action


Dear friends,

In another 4 weeks Bob and I will be in Ghana again. So the joy of homecoming and lots of creative activities are in my thoughts. The brandnew Waaijerhall, meant for re-integration of recovered addicts into local society will undergo a growth spurt. It will be opened to other persons with difficulties in socio economic integration too, such as certain handicapped people. Bridget is already weaving there independently since about six months and has even sold a couple of her woven pieces. Well done. Another person with alcohol background will join to make/sell art as i know now and it is wonderful to be new and open to the world. We will sell art, books, cards, handcraft and what not at the Waiijerhall. Always from the principle that 50% is for the artist, the other 50% for the clear mind activities in ghana.

I plan to build a large summethut in front of the shop to work and make art, but also to serve tea and softdrinks and offer a chair to the stranger. Bob and i hope to be there a lot, just living life, eating with Salamata and having fun with the beautiful people of Nkoranza. We will also of course be home at our wonderful home at PCC a lot. i am still in need of tools, woodcarving and stonecarving tools, as well as paint, quality varnish, powertex, binder, pigments, canvas and also a sewingmachine. Now that i have found a person who delivers a suitcase from door to door, holland to ghana, this has become easier. For the amount of 40 euro you can send a suitcase to us, takes about 8 weeks, or maybe 16. Never mind, it will arrive eventually and is a lot more reasonable than DHL or aircargo. In case you need their services let me know so i can give the telephone number in Den Haag. Thank you for wishing us luck and offering us your blessings. Ineke



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