We would like volunteers to help in Holland and in Ghana.

  • In Holland to please gather second hand clothes and bring it to Ineke in Den Haag in Holland. (Tel 0611104583) These clothes will be send to Ghana and sold in the clear mind shop in Nkoranza for the benefit of the clients needing help.
  • A volunteer to help us in Ghana. Must be somewhat Independent and come for at least two or three months. She or he can live with a local host family to get to know the culture. Is expected to keep the shop and to help with making art, drawings, carvings or helping with sewing or weaving. So a bit of an artistic or handcraft person. With interest in addiction care though probably most conversations with clients are in (Twi) but he/she can visit for example churches to talk about our program. They need to pay for their ticket board and lodging of course.


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