Sala's father from up North honoured his daugther and us with a visit late yesterday night. (7pm, after dark, is late). " "Welcome, my husband", this time it was me who said it, adding him with priority to my collection of husbands. "Sala is my one and only daughter so you must be my one and only husband."
Nobody laughs much at my jokes because i am not a joker but my new husband laughed and radiated. He is 87, surpassing Bob with 3 years.
"Bob what do yoy say, proud of my newest conquest?"
" Yes, Bob says, what a beauty of a person. No wonder Sala is like that, our wonderful Sala-girl." By the way Sala was one if the first PCC caregivers since 99, now has her little restaurant and coordinates Clear Mind activities in Nkoranza.


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