That’s how it is: “Tough love” and unending optimism is needed in walking with people with addiction.

When you, one of our group, starts drinking again and you are unable to stop … and repeatedly your make your appearance while intoxicated… then dont pretend anymore.  Take the path that you already started on.

Hopefully one day soon you will once more be sober. In the meantime not all is lost, you are still that same lovely person, only now in drunken, broken, state.

So you cannot stay at the centre anymore, you are no more ready to sober up.

And if you were dishonest too, what will you do?

Then when your moment of sobriety has again knocked on your door you will return sober. You will first pay your debt, all that you owe. And only then we will make again a plan with you for your recovery.

As simple as that, but no shortcuts.

Time for tough love and unending optimism.

Walk well, brother, and return soon.

Acryl ghana
Acryl ghana

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