Re-integrationhall (Waaijerhall) reaching ceiling level


There is ‘Work in progress’ in the background while Bob, Adyoa, John and myself watch at leisure, eating one of Sala’s delicious dishes. The construction of the foundation eventually started early January because of a land dispute litigated by the neighbours. The neighboring plot lost but it took a lot of time. All the same: the two halls down at the other side of the sytreet are now clearly visible. 

In front will be a long covered verandah and in front of that again an outer terrace with tables and chairs, similar to Sala’s verandah. One hall will be weavinghall where Bridget will place her loom. Later Abena who is now in rehab will join and we expect other recovered alcoholics to join. Bridget by the way is not a client of Clear Mind but suffers cerebral palsy and after learning how to weave in the sheltered workshop of PCC she is now launching out to town by herself. She is allowed to use the clear mind space for starters as workplace. 

The other hall will probably become an art and craft atelier, clear mind atelier, with a gallery attached.

The frontverandah in front of the two halls will serve as art-and-gift-shop. Outside will be tables and chairs where non-alcoholic drinks will be served and where meetings of AA can be held. Presently these AA meetings are held on the verandah of Sala’ s cafe but as the group is increasing we need more space.

So far so good, all good news!

The space will be ready for Bridget to start weaving mid march. Aroudn Easter the Waaijerhall can be opened and fully used.


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