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The Clear Mind Foundation offers alcohol addiction care in the district of Nkoranza in the Brong Ahafo region in Ghana. This is achieved by way of personalized individual support including help with reintegration into the local society and the workplace. Medication with a.o. Baclofen is offered as well as AA group meetings and individual care. Interested persons can detox at a safe place and stay at the Clear Mind Art Shop to spend the day, receive a meal and start a profession of sorts. For more detailed information on our project please visit 'The Project' page.

Operation Clear Mind can provide help thanks to the voluntary team in Ghana and Netherlands and the support of our friends and sponsors.

Sales of gifts and art at the Clear Mind Art Gallery in Ghana or from this website help support the project.

For all other types of support please visit the 'Support us' page of this website. Our banking details are: Clear Mind Foundation (Account number:  NL28INGB0006576989  at Clear Mind foundation. Holland). Under Dutch tax law your contribution is tax deductible with reference to our ANBI number 854077510.

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Thank you for your interest and support.

Operation Clear Mind provides alcohol addiction care for the inhabitants of the district of Nkoranza, Brong Ahafo Regoion in Ghana by way of individual coaching, medication with baclophen and AA support. 

After recovery additional support is offered to make a comeback into the local society.The Clear Mind Art Shop  is constructed for this purpose; clients who are in special difficulty are invited to stay there during working hours, recieve a daily meal and search for a new way of making a living. Two rooms at the back provide the possibility for day and night care.  image

At the start of 2016 five persons are working at the Clear Mind Art-gallery: a recovering carpenter, tailor and accountant and two persons with another background of cerebral palsy who each have their own weaving-loom and are salespersons.



Alcoholism in Ghana 

Alcoholism is a disease that, like everywhere, is rampant in Africa. The villages are often  frustrating (romantic as they seem) and desolate people more often turn to drink. Alcohol in Ghana forms part of many rituals like that of the funeral and is a means to celebrate life and call or recall deceased souls and spirits. So when at a funeral a child is asked to get gin he will feel honored and sometimes sip the drink on the way back to the funeral. Those with an inclination for alcohol usually get hooked at an early age.

In a small community it is hard to change once people define you as an ‘addict’ or ‘drinker’. It is common that the priest or minister condemns the alcoholic ‘sinner’ in a denigrating way. “This alcohol addict is possessed with evil spirits, let us pray over him” is a well intentioned support but the addict needs more than putting the blame on evil spirits alone. 

Alcoholism in Ghana causes broken families, poverty, bitterness and untimely deaths.  This is why “Operation Clear Mind’ took up the battle against their addiction.

History of the project

Ineke Bosman had been a tropical doctor in Nkoranza, Ghana for 30 years when she offered the medication Baclophen, a muscle relaxant with alleged beneficial influence on craving in fiction, to two befriended persons who were struggling with their alcohol addiction, and they were both helped. This fact started a wave of requests from other people with drinking problems for the medication and so the Clear Mind Project was born in 2011.

Since then around 50 persons have been helped, of which over fifty percent with success. We use a low dosage up to 80 mg per day.


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