Nyamekye transferred from Clear Mind to PCC


Baby Nyamekye Bosman, the son of childmother Bagye and nephew of the recently deceased Abena has been trasnsferred to the PCC Hand in Hand Community, thanks to Social Welfare and the hospitality of the directors of PCC.

He arrived exactly one week ago and has a lady called Joyce as brand new caregiver at PCC. I hear that he is now most often called NanaYaw instead of Nyamekye.

The little boy is now nine months old and he is developing well, though with considerable retardation, which could be explained by poor prenatal nutrition and his immature delivery.

Sr. Pat has been his fostermother for the past 9 months and he has been raised at the Clear Mind Rehab center , part of which space Sr. Pat was  allowed to use as her own daycare center. Sr. Pat looked after him very well till she reported medical and other problems in the care for the baby. We of Clear Mind want to thank Pat for her good care for nyamekye.

Furthermore I thank all the persons who directly or indirectly helped to raise the child and equip him with the neccessary baby outfit, such as Marlous, Thea and other clear mind benefactors. You have done well.


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