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Sometimes someone simply disspears at the Clear Mind center and sometimes somebody unexpectedly shows up again. Im almost used to it now.
Monday i welcomed a new guy who fervently explained he wanted to stop drinking, with our help and at the Gallery. An hour later he left to the public toilet and... never returned.
But yesterday S came back and today he was there too, i did stonecarving with him. Nice.
We now have a Carpenter, a Taylor and a phonecredit-seller/stonecarver. And Bridget the Weaver and Kwame the Coffeeman and shopkeeper. (we are still waiting for permission for Kwame from PCC.)
A nightcenter considering if two rooms is rented just behind the Gallery, it will be available in 2 or 3 weeks. That makes it much more convenient for those people who want or need to stay the night as well.
Clear Mind is growing fast, maybe too fast.
In three weeks, on sunday afternoon 7 februari, a big fundraising and publicity launching event will take place at the lorrypark of Nkoranza. W'll sell gifts and art by auction and hope for a great day. The team, especially Paakwasi, is working hard going from church to church talking about addiction and that it does not have to be a hopeless and permanent situation. Onviting all people to the launching ceremony, we hope ti catch some money there... And a lot if addicts who've had enough if their old habit.


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