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The past few weeks  artists in Ghana have been quite busy. They made a lot of new art that we sell. We proudly present you some of the art that is available to you.

- Clear Mind bags made from plastified flourbags and ghanaprint, 5 euro.

- Painted wood panels, 15 euro.

- Wooden carved birds, painted gold, from local village artist 12,50 euro each.

- Dolls from calabashes and Ghana print, made permanent and weatherproof with Powertex, 15 euro each

- Natural teak 'slices' for decoratieve dishes or cheese plates. Between 2 euro and 6 euro according to size.

- Collages with paint and textile, different prices

- Weaved pillowcases

- A piece of a weaved roll. The rolls are 12 yards (11meter) long and approx. 25 to 35 cm wide. Some are pure cotton and some polyester which is stronger. The price is the same, 3,20 euro per yard. Or 39 euro for a full roll.

- Aprons made from plastified flourbags and ghanaprint, 5 euro  


In the art gallery on this website you can see the whole collection of art that is available to you.

The price of an art-object is divided between the artist of the artclub and the project Clear Mind in Ghana. 50 percent of the paid price goes to the care of the people in Nkoranza district Ghana who have decided to change their dysfunctional drinking habits.


Do not wait to long with ordering. When you order before the 5th of March.

Ineke can still take the art with her from Ghana.


On behalf of the OperationClearMind and the Artists in Ghana we thank you for your support.  

adyia ineke wood panel 15 euro
Harriet Ineke college 15 euro
bags made from plastified flourbags and ghanaprint 5 euro each

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