What a meeting today. Planning with our team and four influential people from town who love our project about the fundraising event. It will be feb. 7, a sunday afternoon at the lorrypark as our gallery is far too small for the celebration. All churches in town and the Iman will be visited to rouse awareness and Friday 8 am first FM radio 'show'by Paakwasi and me.
The baclophen explained again and how off label or not it helps against craving alcohol. I will prepacked it for weekly use included starter pack and week 2' and 3 pack. Up to max 85 mg. The prepacked drugs will be free or subsidized by Clear Mind when attending the center but i will also make them available for the normal full price at the pharmacy of Amos in town.
Such a productive meeting, fine people!
And yes, i saw Ben. He was there. He started kicking off and looking shaky but beautifully clean.


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