Market at ‘de Schenk’

Great people who gave me a free table, cup of coffee and warm welcome along the little water “de schenk” close to where Van Gogh lived in his den haag period. The windmill was making overtime with it old wings in the sturdy wind.

The sales started slowly, the wind was strong and so we had to change the table to another less windy place. Then people started coming and showing interest in the project and the beautiful dolls and cards at display. When at five the tables were dismantled there was 72 euro in the box and Madam Beatrice, Brother Gay, Sister Bella and Miss Omo were sold, besides several cadeau-cards. Thank you kind people of Voorburg and Mariahoeve. We will return next year if we may.

The new owner of HardworkMummy and miss Bella
Hisilicon Balong
the mill from 1600 near to van Goghs house, near to our market too
Brother Gay is leaving too? Bye bye
Miss Omo and Madam Beatrice with their proud new owners.
the doll family on display on the table

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