Letter from ‘Yes I can Richard’

Our team has supported Richard Since January 2016. This included assistente with kicking off bad habits and a few months work at the Clear Mind shop in Nkoranza. Richard studied accounting till a stubborn addiction got the beter of him. Not easy for nobody certainly not for himself and his family. With drink hè thought hè could become the populair happy guy hè longed to be. Till hè hit rock bottom and realized hè needed to sober up to become whole again. 

This is what hè wrote me today: “…..I am doing good here…am at the house and help my mother at the darm to bring cassave to the market. I am now sober and will never ever go back to drink in my life. Thank you very much for being there for u’s and today when I look at the mirror I see strength.

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  • sue hatton

    21 March, 2017 at 08:11 Reply

    wonderful work
    praise the Lord

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