Ineke’s work-visit and opening of the Clear Mind Waaijerhall


It is a reality, the new rehab center and shop has opened. And what is more important, it has begun to function! The actual opening ceremony took place on the 3rth of July. The week before was spent readying the place: the terrace in front of the Waaijerhall had to be completed, a fence put around it (partly completed), trees planted for shade, shelves made in the artshop, the looms, wap-wap and all the books, paintings, cards and dolls nicely arranged and moved over to the new site. The shop is opposite Salamata’s restaurant and Sala will have the final supervision of the hall. Paakwasi has his little AA-bookshelf there and twice a week the AA meetings will be held at the new place.

Bridget, a woman with CP who formerly worked at the PCC sheltered workshop and still resides there, is the first one to make use of the workhall. She will be weaving there every day from 8.30 till 5 and attend to the artshop next door. Bridget is ready to take an apprentice of the Clear Mind family and teach weaving so the workhall is ready for a second person to be helped ”back into the community”. Hopefully this will be Abena, who was dancing and singing at the opening but still has to clear her blood from the last bit of alcohol…. Abena is the sister of Baguie who delivered us the clearmind baby Nana Yaw and she is very interested in his upbringing. However she could not stay at Pat’s detox-rehab center at the other side of town because she felt she had not yet done with her old life. Time will tell when she is ready, she is loved either way. ‘

For the sake of local networking and fundraising the opening will be re-done in grand style around Christmas, when people are not farming, have money and have time to attend to a good ceremony. At that time the Chief, father of Paakwasi our leader of the AA, will be the chairman and Paakwasi will make all arrangements. But for now we are more than satisfied. The Waaijerhall, containing workshop and artshop, is opened.

At our artgalery at PCC Kwame Evans will continue to sell cards and some artclub products, of which fifty% will go to the PCC children and the other half to Clear Mind.

I went to Ghana on 24 June and returned 5th July, fully satisfied. Thank you to the Waaijerfund and all in Nkoranza that were involved. Waye adee paa.

3th july Pat gives the vote of Thanks

Dancing with Abena on the rythm of Kofi Asare


The ceremony has started. Proud and a bit tense

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