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The Clear Mind Team in Nkoranza, Ghana, in alphabetic order:

ASK God Nana Gymafie, counselor, co- treasurer

Samuel Baffo, financial administration and constructi0ns

Ineke Bosman, Founder, general Director

Bridget Donkor, manager store

Kwame Evans, salesmanager

Steven Kobby webmaster

George Paakwasi AA director

Salamata general director Ghana.

Steven Kwabena Brempong, An IT Systems Administrator, Websites and Graphics Designer is the man behind the construction and maintenance of Operation Clear Mind foundation website. Born and raised in Nkoranza and currently living outside Ghana, he still works for Ghana and working as an  unpaid volunteer for operation clear mind.

Inbox me for your Graphics/Website Constructions, Logos, Banners, Brochures, etc. Emails: steve_graphics@ymail.com, stevegraphic3@gmail.com, Facebook: Steven Kobby, Whatsapp: +233206921454


George Paakwasi, facilitator of the AA meetings. 
Salamata with Ineke in front of the Clear Mind Cafe in Nkoranza.














George Paakwasi is a recovering alcoholic now letting otter clients benefiet from huis experience. Hè is a teacher.

Salamata gas been Caregiver of The PCC Community in its early days. Since 2014 she is The overall manager of The clear Mind Foundation while working as a chef with in her own restaurant. 

ASK God is a businessman and photgrapher at Nkoranza. He experiences a special love and calling for persons who struggle with addition and is trusted by them. 

Samuel Baff is a businessman, hotelwoner and director of PCC. With his name, skills and network he helps steering  the Clear Mind foundation and is in charge of The buildings and finances.

Ineke Bosman had been medical doctor in Nkoranza since 1981 and knows and is known in Nkoranza. She founded Clear mind and is The general director.

Bridget Donker worked at The PCC workshop because of her cerebral palsy and started weaving independent since 2015, at The Clear Mind shop. Since 2017 she is shopmanager and does intakes of clients.

Kwame Evans worked at The PCC workshop till hè was hired as sales man ffor Clear Mind since januari 2016. Hè lives at PCC.


“Clear Mind Foundation” is a registered N.G.O. in Ghana since March 2014. Members: Ineke Bosman, Kwame Samuel Baffo,  and Salamata.

“Stichting Clear Mind Foundation” is a registered Foundation since july 2014 in Holland. With membership of Ineke Bosman, Leo van Boohemen en Arlette Assenberg.

Sjoerd Talsma is tijdelijk aangesloten geweest bij het Operation Clear Mind project omdat hij er persoonlijke affiniteit mee heeft. In 2013 heeft Sjoerd een punt kunnen zetten achter zijn alcoholverslaving met behulp van Baclofen, het medicijn dat in dit project ook een belangrijke rol speelt.  Nul Promille website

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