D’ and his Taxi

It is already close to four months that D. radically changed his drinking habits from far too much to none at all. D. Is a young man in his thirties. He worked over ten years in London, in road construction, so as to send money home. When he arrived back in Ghana himself he indeed saw the building put up with his money but… started realizing he had no proof of ownership. The papers were not in his name.A huge amount had been embezzled from him, all he had and worked for over the last ten years gone.

To make a long story short: after one day realizing that drink did not solve his problems but compounded them he stopped and started thinking how to make a new start. Without having to return to England.
With the Clear Minds team he found the solution. He got a motorbike taxi on hire purchase that clear mind bought for him.
Clear Mind, which means you, all benefactors and helpers, invested in D.s dream. And it became true.
From today, Monday, onward you can meet this beautiful taxi on the roads of Nkoranza
If you see it, stop it and jump in. Fir then you too will be part of fulfilling D.s dream

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