Continue search for soapstone


It is tuesday- marketday again and i continue my search for soapstone for the art Gallery. An old man stops me: "Hey old woman i told you last year that i want you as my wife. Did you tell your husband?" "yes but he will not give me away, old man. Apart from that, do you have this kind of stone?" i show the piece in my hand. "Ever seen it?" "No, give it to me and when in Kumasi i will search for it. Will you marry me then?"
Further on i see Maame Janet from Techiman, where i buy my calebashes. "Seen this?" She too will look for it and i buy some of her soft white stone which is not 'it' but may be soft enough to use. I hear it is a stone that pregnant women up north use to lick and chew in order to get 'strong babies'. . Then i go to the stone-seller a bit further on in the market, the one who promised me last week to dig some from under water at the river on the riad to Techiman. And surprise, what is laying there but a huge bag with at least 20 kg stone. We open it and so nice yellow stone. Only i think it is sandstone, not soapstone. However i am touched that this little guy did this for me so we put the bag in the car and want to pay him. "How much?" He wants no money, or, rather: "anything doctor, anything at all dont worry". Soapstone in Scheveningen sculpture store is 2 euro per kilo, i give him 20 cedis. Everybody happy. A husband. Medecine to make the baby strong in case i get pregnant and a collection of stone that is fascinating whatever it is.


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