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Dear friends of Clear Mind Ghana

Clear Mind is going full spirit in helping people with an alcohol addiction problem in the area of Nkoranza Ghana. Ending an addiction does not only give back an individuals life, it also helps the local community in their challenging living environment. Although our project is of limited scale (about 40 clients) we achieve results that are much better than most Western treatment centers. Your support has led us to make considerable progress. We are happy to give you an update on what we have achieved.

Achievements in Ghana

In our ambition to further improve our support and results we recently have expanded our activities by:

  • Opening a coffee shop which is operated by recovered alcoholics;
  • Having available a detox rehabilitation center for the first aid in recovering from alcohol addiction;
  • The opening of the Waaijer Hall, a shop and working facility that provides recovered alcoholics the opportunity to pickup a meaningful daytime occupation.

Many thanks for your support that enabled us to achieve this!

Clear Mind is a foundation with an ANBI status

Also we have formally registered Clear Mind as a foundation in The Netherlands ‘Stichting Clear Mind Foundation’ with an ANBI status. This ANBI status implies that any gifts, donations, sponsorships or purchases in support of our foundation are tax deductible under Dutch tax law regulations.

We still need your support

We kindly take the opportunity to ask you to help us. Clear Mind fully depends on your generous financial contributions and the much-appreciated support of volunteers. Sponsorship of clients costs € 15,00 per month, or € 9,00 with an average tax advantage of 40%. We have been offered help to improve our online market place where we have Clear Mind art for sale. An announcement will follow soon.

Changes to our website

Finally, we have decided to have the website default in English. We have added a Translate button, which enables the translation to many languages among which Dutch, French, German and Spanish.

We thank you for your support.

The Clear Mind team

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