clear Mind rehab in full action


The Clear Mind Center at Nkoranza looks like it turned into a ‘family rehab. center’ since on 5th Feb. 2015 the two month old baby NanaYaw and his auntie Abena were admitted there.

The situation was sore for little mother Baguie, her sister Abena and her little baby Nana Yaw who had been occupying a hospitalbed for nearly two month in St Theresa Hospital. Baguie is a mentally handicapped gilrl of 21 but with a body of 10 and the mental development of a 1year old, neglected and depressed. Someone had managed to impregnate her. A neighbouring nurse saw this obviously pregant young girl roaming the street and brought her for antenatal care. At 11 dec a caesarian section took place whereby baby NanaYaw saw the light of day.
As there are no relatives except for an alcoholic father (mother had died) it was her sister Abena who looked after Baguie and the baby at the hospital. No one even came to look at the threesome, no doubt afraid to be shouldered with a hospital-bill. Sister Abena washed and combed mother and child but had no money, except for her daily dose of gin, to cook so the nurses did the shopping and cooking for the children and their babychild.

It was through one of our hospital-nurses that I got to know of the situation that had become the talk of town. When one sunday I saw them on their hospitalbed my heart broke. This is not possible, so small and yet pregnant! No family? Look at those tiny little hands of Baguie! Such small bones, such low Hgb. Did she ever in her live enjoy a good meal? What kind of father is this to just let them lay here? Mother died? Thats when the daugther started drinking too? Where does she get her gin, from what money? And who oh who is the man who imopregnated such a little lamb!?

The nurse wanted to adopt the baby, at least look after him till a family solution could be achieved. I talked about the state of Baguie to the directors of PCC who decided to take her in. Great. Pat and I decided to take auntie Abena in the rehab center more or less as a permanent guest, because addiction may be only the least of her problems. So that all three would be at a better place.

But the social welfare did not allow the nurse to adopt the baby because of a.o. her work situation and that is where the threefold solution stranded. What to do with the baby? Other candidates for fosterparenthood also got stranded in the process.

That is when Pat said: “I want to look after NanaYaw the baby!” “What? Are you sure?”  “Yes, sure.”

Social welfare readily ageed and so it happened that yesterday, friday, D-Day, I brought the baby home to Pat while Baquie was brought this morning to PCC by Joe Ema.

Abena disappeared for a last ‘farewell rounds in town’ but showed up this evening and I drove her to the rehab center to be reunited with ‘ her baby’. Abena was sad tonight. “Where is my sister? Where is the baby? I am hungry!” as we left the hospital that had been their welcoming homeplace over the last two months. But she was smiling when she saw the big white house that will be hers in the future, and the welcoming Pat, a pan with steaming food on the table and little baby Nana Yaw under a mosquitonet in her bedroom.

All is well that ends well…. although the story only now begins!

Would you wish us luck and give us your blessings? A long journey ahead for Abena, for the baby and for Pat and us of Clear Mind, each in or own way.

5-3-15 At the gate of the hospital, when Pat takes NanaYaw home to rehab center where she lives as her fosterchild.
abena met nanayaw in de deur

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