1. A short summary of who we are and what we did a summary of progess of Clear Mind Foundation anno 2015

2. Treatment results 2011-2014 4 years 2015 Summary of treatment results of Clear Mind Ghana

3. Income Expenditure Clear Mind Ghana 2014, Income Expenditure Clear Mind Ghana 2013, Income Expenditure Clear Mind Ghana 2012

1. A short history and Organizational aspects of Clear Mind Foundation Ghana

  • The “Clear Mind” Alcohol-addiction-care project was set up in Ghana in 2011 by Ineke Bosman (a Dutch retired tropical doctor), who used Baclophen in the treatment of alcoholism for two persons who were well known to her. The results proved positive since they both were able to stop drinking. The word spread and more people in Nkoranza, Ghana, asked for assistance with their problematic drinking.
  • From July 2011 onwards Patricia Gyamfua assisted Ineke on a voluntary basis. The number of clients between 2011 and 2014 increased and over 50% found relief for over 12 months. From early 2013 onwards one of the two initial clients joined hands in the project for two years until he unfortunately reverted back to drink. In 2014 another voluntary assistant, Salamata, joined hands by starting the Clear Mind Café where former alcoholics could find work and hopefully a return to society. In January 2015 another experienced ex- alcoholic, George Paakwasi, who had kicked off his drinking habits through the AA movement in Accra, joined us and now directs twice weekly AA meetings at Salamata”s café. Later this year these meetings will be held at the new rehabilitation hall, the Waaijer hall, after construction completion. Mr. Samuel Kwame Baffo has been the voluntary assistant in construction, paperwork and financial administration of the project from its start.
  • The Clear Mind Foundation in Ghana was officially registered in 2014 with the following members: Mrs. Ineke Bosman, Mr. Kwame Baffo and Mrs Patricia Gyamfua.
  • Presently the following volunteers take responsibility for the following aspects of addiction care: – Dr. Ineke Bosman: overall director. Mr. Baffo: finances, administrative support and infrastructure. Mrs. Salamata: coordinator of the team and of socio-economic rehab. Mr. George Paakwasi: coordinator of the AA meetings and its supportive activities. Mrs. Patricia Gyamfua: in charge of the detox-rehab unit on Ejura Road.
  • When the socio-economic hall, the “Waaijerhall” is completed, Salamata will be in charge of the center and hold the keys. There will be a weaving-loom for Abena who is in detox if so desired. Bridget (from PCC) will be weaving at the hall. Other activities such as the art shop for income generating clear mind will evolve in due course.
  • Financing of the project: It has been extremely difficult to find donors. In alcohol addiction care the defaulting rate is high and many people simply don’t believe in positive change. However we found the pharmaceutical industry BV.Teva in Holland ready to donate the medication baclophen free of charge for the first three years. The Waaijerfund in Den Haag was able to give us money for the construction of the socio economic rehab hall and Sjoerd Talsma, an ex.alcoholic in Holland supported us among others by paying the rent for the detox center and paying for the registration of the Dutch foundation. Most of the other revenue comes from Ineke and from sales of the Clear Mind art products. (See website gallery and giftshop at All workers in Ghana are highly motivated individuals who work free of charge and on voluntary basis.
  • Paakwasi: 0346102508; Sala: 050059811210; Pat: 0540949795;     Baffo: 0244533343; Ineke: (Holland: 0611104583, 0702165797) 0504352878

A short history of activities and Stichting Clear Mind Foundation in Holland

  • Ineke approached BV Teva in 2012 who donated an ample supply of Baclophen medication free of charge. This remaining supply is now out of date.
  • In July 2014 “Stichting Clear Mind Foundation” was registered at a notary office in The Netherlands. Members: Ineke Bosman and Sjoerd Talssma. Arlette Assenberg joined later as secretary and Leo van Bohemen replaced Sjoerd as treasurer.
  • Fundraising in Holland (as well as Ghana) is principally through art and gift sales. Art is produced by Ineke Bosman with her artclub in Ghana. In Holland an increasing number of artists who understand the need for addiction care in Ghana (and elsewhere) offer their work for sale for the foundation. The policy of art- and gift-sales is on fifty-fifty basis, 50% to the project, 50% to the artist.
  • The Waaijer-foundation in 2014 donated 10.000 euro towards building a hall in Ghana. This rehab. Hall will be fully constructed and opened in July 2015. Occasionally some generous individuals have sponsored a walk of otherwise donated money towards addiction-care in Ghana.
  • An agency which prefers to remain anonymous donated in January 2015 the amount of 5000 euro towards the work in Ghana. It will be used for the store attached to the rehab hall and for administrative cost (telephone, petrol, etc) of the team in Ghana and may possibly be used towards credit for small scale business for ex clients, such as selling secondhand goods, oranges or other trade. Some clients request a simple kiosk or table to sell their goods while others need a loom, a sewing machine or carpentry tools.

Den Haag, may 22, 2015 By Ineke Bosman, Clear Mind Foundation chairman and founder.

2. Treatment results:

Summary of treatment results of clients of Clear Mind Foundation Ghana

2011-2015 (a four year episode):

Introduction: In March 2011 the first Baclophen was used for two heavily addicted persons who were both totally motivated to change. They both succeeded, with minor relapses, to shed their habits for three years. Then one returned to drink and the other continued to be sober. The last one was healthy enough to travel outside Ghana so that regularly he can send money to his family in Ghana. He is no longer on Baclophen and he is a success to himself too. The man who reverted to drink is a statistical success and a real success but to himself ‘he is a failure’, until he is ready to return.

How do you measure success? After six month both persons were successful (the usual definition of success-rate). After 1, 2 and 3 years both were still successful. (Rarely measured in Europe, people are not followed up. But in Ghana people are often not out of the picture because everybody knows everybody included when they left the country…) Another story is that of PaaKwasi. Seen through formal eyes he is a definite treatment failure, a man whose concerned parents requested us for help but who secretly threw his medication away as he was not ready to be helped. Not then. In 2015 he showed up in our town fully sober and calling himself an alcoholic, ”Hi I am George and I am an alcoholic”… he had searched for the Alcoholic Anonymous method in Accra and it worked for him. Now he is sober and enthusiastic to help his fellow “drinking man” in town and works with Clear Mind.

So I find it difficult to measure success by way of numbers. They are the stories that count more than the statistics… and some stories will be told in the future, I believe that.

But for this report the 6, 12 and 24 month numbers are included, see statistics.

The Baclophen dosage used by me is low, between 30 to maximal 75 mg per day. The reason is ‘a feeling of hunger’, a side effect of the medication that I hear a lot in Ghana. Alcoholics in Africa are not usually well to do persons and apparently the feeling of hunger is worse than the anesthesia of alcohol if you have no money to buy food. Alcoholics are not usually given much food when in need (“oh that one, one of these drinkers!”), usually only drinks are offered by their fellow drinkers. Therefore dosages of even 75 mg are often refused but extreme low dosages of 20, 30 or 50 mg seem to work well for our clients.

Treatment is based on medication plus support, individually and in the community. The fieldworkers visit the clients at least once a month and visit their families if needed and on request. The number of phone calls are endless. This year the AA meetings have added much more depth and significance to the work of Clear Mind.

Statistical report:

68 persons entered their name in the ledger, marked down as wanting to clear their addiction. Actually, there were more. A majority showed interest to be helped and then never returned. Their names were not entered in the ledger. Hopefully one day they may return.

The number of clients, defined as number of persons who returned at least twice, were 31.

Clients free after 6 months: 22 (70%)

Clients free after 1 year: 18 (58%)

Clients free after 2 years: 13 (42%)

(Free is defined as alcohol free or greatly improved with occasional short relapses. It must be said that many of the clients were drinking somewhat secretly and saw in our service a ‘police’ rather than a care service. Trust was missing to tell the story freely. This tendency to “cheat” has gradually reduced due also to the arrival of the AA component.)

3. Financial Overview 2014 Ghana:

Income Expenditure Clear Mind 2014 (3,75 Gh Cedis-1 euro)
Total Income 5520
PAPER PAINT wood glue showcase ARTCLUB 460
Expenses registration als clear mind found 500
looms and thread new waayerhall 175
Total expenditure 5563
negative balance brought forwards to 2015 -43

2012               Operation Clear Mind expenses                                                 Euro

21-2                 Payment to Intercare 20,000 baclophen                                     853,42

Transport baclophen:                                                                     20,-

Feb-Dec.        40 Gh cedis allowance Pat monthly   C. 480,-                           200

April-June     Donation baclophen from Holland:

Baffo up and down to Accra and letters 4 ministeries               400,-

Storage DHL 4 month, waiting for clearing: ( Gh cedis 4988)   2200

July 30 Laptop for Pat Paradigit Lange poten                                                      438,95

Modem vodaphone for Pat                                                                                       50

Total                                                                                                                        4162,37

Inkomen Clear Mind:

Sponsor Lucie                                                                                                               250

Sponsor Theo                                                                                                              250

Donation fr huisman                                                                                                   250

Gift Teva Haarlem                                                                                                        1440

From e-coaching 5 x 21 euro                                                                                       105

Totaal inkomen                                                                                                            2295,00


Uitstaande schuld naar Ineke : 1867,37                                      

This message is from mr. Baffo.

Clearance cost of 1400 packs Baclofen with airway bill number 5DU0954 flown in with Flight BA 431/21LHR – BA081/22 ACC. From the Netherlands to Ghana on 19th March 2012.

Rental – 2970

Cleared Agent – 600(still waiting for receipt)

D.H.L.import handling Charges – 518

Transporting to Nkoranza – 300

Total = 4388

Am still waiting for the receipt of cleared Agent of 600. Baffo.

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