About Pat’s visit to AA Accra


Venue was the AA rehab center Hopeful Way Foundation at House of St Francis, Accra. Pat spent all day Tuesday 27-1-15 with the rehab group on invitation of Mr Byron Merryweather, the coordinator. She followed two group meetings and had talks with the various leaders. Pat was impressed. The present facility started in 2012 and has 40 beds, for males only. A female unit is under construction. The average rehab time is 3 to 6 months. The clients are not allowed off the premises and work according to the twelve step curriculum. Cost 600 Cedis in all. With place for annually 2 free admissions. Success rate after one year: 75%. In all 12 of the recovered alcoholics have started their own AA program in their hometowns, included George Paakwasi in Nkoranza.

Pat brought a number of donated books back to Nkoranza: -5 AA Manuals, large, -2 Twelve steps and twelve traditions, -1 As Bill sees it, -1 The Sponsor’s twelve steps edition, -1 Back to Basics beginner’s manual meetings, -1 A Day at the Time, 1 Daily Reflections, -1 The Best of the Grapevine, -1 A Vision for Us, Grapevine, -! Came to Believe, -Many flyers and brochures. Thank you Mr. Byron Merriweather from AA Accra.

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