AA meetings in Nkoranza, a welcome asset


Good news! From tomorrow, wednesday 21 jan, we start AA meetings, twice weekly for starters. At the right time when most of our winners became seemingly bored with their success and went back to ‘only one pito’ and ‘a drink of palmwine has practically no alcohol’. Who is cheating who….

George Paakwasi was in our program but could not be interested in kicking off his habits till he was confined to a rehab cnter in Accra at St. Francis house. Here he succeeded to sober and gain a lot of insight into his illness.  He is sober for a year but keeps calling himself an alcoholic. A brave man. He is brimming with enthousiasm to set up AA meetings in Nkoranza and help with the rehab Center of Pat and the newly to be opened social center, the Waaijerhall.

AA meetings are anonymous and are strictly only for alcoholics. are you from Nkoranza And would you like to join?

5pm wednesdays at the hospitalgate, Salamata cafe.

3pm sundays at Patricia’s ats daycare center.


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