I asked our Angel


Today i met a middle aged man who wants help for smoking cannabis, drinking half bottle gin and smoking cocaïne for twenty years. He now finds it tiresome and too expensive, his wife complains and he doesn't live the life that he meant "Wow you gave a problem what do you want from me?" He planned to kick off and keep working while doing so else he loses his job. "But can you? Can you control yourself when you start craving and shaking?" No, she said. "You need to go to a hospital. Maybe Accra" No, absolutely not. "You can try to stay in our nightquarters but we will have to lock you in while we stay with you.." Listen, you cant abuse drugs for twenty years and just expect to kick off in ten minutes because you heard a radio program on it. Sorry friend, it is not like that. He and his wife will return next week. I asked our angel that she send some colleague-angels to their house in the meantime...


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