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Today i joined Nana AskGod visiting one of the drug-dens in the outskirts of Nkoranza. Walking through gutters littered with garbage and plastic bags and then there is a fence with a gate, outside a bench where people sit. We too. The drugseller sits there too with marihuana cigarettes, pills, a wee-drink, a bottle with almost pure alcohol, odo-gin, coco-gin and more, while the salesman of marihuana cookies sits on the other side of the bench. People coming and going, AskGod knows many by name. Two very young boys among them, 11and 16. Questions and answers in a friendly atmosphere. "What does this give you?" "it relieves you from pain?" "How much the cost?" "does your mother know?" i left with a strange blunt pain in my heart these stories of them so stark. One amazing detail, whatever the material or emotional poverty all of them have these Nike kind of shoes... I hope to come there again.


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